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Our Philosophy: 

We know from personal experience how chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety affects not only an individual but also their entire family, friends and community. We decided to add an informational aspect to NeuroPaths’ Website where one can learn about the approaches that helped us personally and also our clients.


Our relaxation modalities are accomplished without the use of any drugs or invasive techniques.  The result we hope to obtain for our clients is a positive shift that favors conditions for your own body to forge ahead with its healing processes.  Many clients remark how much better they feel “all over” and wonder if there is "more" to these therapies than just relaxation...and that's wonderful.  



Present Services:

NeuroPaths offers a multimodality approach to relaxation.




· Infrared Light Therapy

· Craniosacral Therapy

· NeuroField Therapy

· SCENAR/COSMODIC from the Russian Space Program

· Soft Laser

· Solaris Energy Blanket

· Trigger Point Therapy


 Consultation/Education/ Training:


·      SCENAR, COSMODIC, Soft Laser, Solaris Healing Blankets, LENS


· ABCs of Fusion Therapy (SCENAR/COSMODIC, Soft Laser, Healing Blanket)

      Michael Beasley

      October 12-16, 2007 Fall International Healing Fusion Conference 2007

      Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


· LENS Effects on Fibromyalgia

      Michael Beasley

      May 2-5, 2008 International LENS Conference

      Los Gatos, CA


· Unusual Applications of the LENS

      Michael Beasley, Dr. Theresa Yonkers MD

      May 2-5, 2008 International LENS Conference

      Los Gatos, CA


· LENS Effects on Stroke/Paralysis

      Michael Beasley

      April 24-26, 2009 International LENS Conference

      Los Gatos, CA


· LENS Effects on TBI - Trigeminal Encephalitis

      Michael Beasley

      April 14-16, 2010 International LENS Conference

      Los Gatos, CA


Our Research into Complementary Modalities began with one event…

For the full story see “About Us”



                         From this event emerged a new type of Relaxation Center based on:


 Personal Experience and ~ 50 Operations for: 

· PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

· Acute and Chronic Trauma/Pain

· Post Surgical Pain - from skin graphs to implants to bone resections

· Total Hip, Total Humeral and Total Elbow Replacement Pain

· RSD (CRPS types I & II) Pain


Pilot Study Participation: (Orthopedic Clinical Trial)

· RSD (or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)

· Post Surgical Pain Hip/Elbow

· Total Replacement Pain

· Medical significance was obtained in the pilot study of original 22 patients.

· Average reduction from 6 to 1.2 (out of 10) over the 3 day trial





































Client Issues :

· Pain Issues : Arthritis, CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Phantom Limb Pain, RA to (RSD)... many times these conditions can be helped.

· ADD, ADHD, addiction, PTSD, stroke, stress, and other situations affecting mental clarity... we can help to restore optimal functioning.

· Sleep difficulties

· Relaxation and Peak Performance in sports and daily life.


Our Complementary Modalities:


· LENS - Low Energy Neurofeedback System

      The revolutionary technique for restoring optimal brain functioning. 


· Soft Laser (Low Level Laser) 5mW and 300-500mW

      Low power, not concentrated enough to burn or cut, promotes healing on a cellular level. Used in Medical and Veterinary practices for 35 years.  



      Based on technology that started as part of the Russian space program; pain reduction without drugs.  In the case of our daughter, this device eliminated the need for further spinal blocks and a sympathectomy.


· Solaris Energy Blankets

      A healing wrap designed to simulate the benefits of the Russian cosmonaut's space suits.


· Craniosacral Therapy

      10 Step protocol developed by Dr. John Upledger to help correct restrictions of the Dural Tube that affects the optimal functioning of the body’s ANS (Autonomic Nervous System).


· NeuroField Therapy

      An energetic field therapy


 Many clients wish to purchase these devices so we have worked together with the inventors and partners to bring you some of the devices we've found helpful. For others, we can provide website addresses so you can contact the inventors directly.


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This website is an attempt to help clarify/educate interested parties on the products we recommend and personally use. This is not a medical recommendation.  Any medical recommendation should always come from your physician. Always consult your physician before any new treatment or before attempting a change in life style based on new information.  This site was created from information and training classes that are available in the public domain. All devices are intended for relaxation and stress relief, any positive side effects are not implied because everyone is different and unique.



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